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Construction Update


Keystone Dentistry Construction Driving Directions

Due to construction on the roundabout at 96th and Haverstick Road, you cannot reach our office from 96th Street in any direction. The road sign on 96th Street says that 96th Street is open to businesses, but it is NOT open to our office.

The ONLY way to reach us is via 99th Street to Haverstick Road.

If you are coming from the south, you must take Keystone to the roundabout at 106th and come completely around to head back south on Keystone.  Take the 99th Street exit on the right and then turn south (left) on to Haverstick Road.  If you are coming from the north, you must exit Keystone at 99th Street and then turn south (left) on Haverstick Road. As you proceed down Haverstick Road, you will come across signs that say “Road Closed to Through Traffic”.  However, Haverstick Road is open to Keystone Dentistry.

Directions to Keystone Dentistry

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