Same-Day Crowns
Fast. Efficient. Beautiful.
A CEREC same-day crowns machine
Innovatively Different
Same-day crowns with no compromise on quality.
A CEREC same-day crowns machine

When you damage your tooth, the idea of multiple dental visits can be just as painful as the tooth itself. Unfortunately, in the past, this was essential to restore a damaged tooth.

At Keystone DentistryVisit our homepage for more information, we can take away your tooth pain with our beautiful dental crowns. What’s more, we can do so in a single visit using CEREC® Same-DayOpens a new window to the website technology.

CEREC® crowns use modern 3D CAD/CAM software to allow Dr. Kinney to design, create, and place your crown in a single visit. What used to take 2-3 visits can now be completed in just one.

This innovative technology eliminates the need for goopy impressions, temporary crowns, and sending information back-and-forth to a dental lab. We can do it all from start to finish in our state-of-the-art Indianapolis officeLearn more about our office.

Our CEREC® technology can also be used to create dental bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

How CEREC® Works
Here is a step-by-step of our same-day crown procedure.
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Computer-aided design and manufacturing make it possible for our team to fabricate restorations in a single visit. To begin, we use a special wand to scan your mouth and generate a 3D image of your teeth. Dr. KinneyLearn more about our dentist then uses your healthy teeth as a template for size, shape, and color. Once the crown is designed, the information is sent to the milling machine for creation.

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Milling Machine

Center to our in-house dental lab is the CEREC® Milling Machine. This cutting-edge equipment creates your new crown using the information from the CAD/CAM software. At this point, Dr. Kinney will choose the right shade of ceramic material, and the milling machine constructs the new restoration.

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Amazing Outcomes

Once the crown is complete, our restorative dentist checks it against your current teeth and adjusts as needed. He then gentle fits the crown into place and ensures it is comfortable and looks natural. After you give the thumbs up, Dr. Kinney bonds the crown into place, leaving you with a functional and beautiful smile once again!

‘‘I have been a patient for many years and love the fact that Dr. Kinney and his staff stay current with innovative techniques. It is one-stop shopping. I love the fact if I need a crown that I can have the permanent one placed the same day!’’

Marjorie N. (Keystone Patient)

Caring for Your Same-Day Crowns
Some top tips for daily maintenance.
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Although your restoration is not part of your natural set up, the material reacts as your healthy teeth would. Therefore, regular daily brushing and flossing are required to keep the restoration looking healthy.

We recommend six-monthly check-ups and regular professional cleanings to keep your teeth and restorations in great shape. During this time, your dentist in Carmel, INLearn more about our CEREC dentist can assess your crown or bridge to avoid any problems arising.

We are confident you’ll enjoy the excellent benefits of more convenient dentistry that produces breathtaking results.

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