Cosmetic Bonding

Restore your smile and confidence in one visit.

Stop Hiding Your Smile

Repair damaged tooth structure.

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Your smile is usually one of the first things people see when they meet you. It has a direct impact on your self-confidence.

So don’t let a dental flaw stand in your way of feeling your best.

At Keystone Dentistry, we offer dental bonding, which fixes issues such as:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Gapped teeth

Bonding uses tooth-colored resin to replace missing tooth structure or hide imperfections on the surface of your teeth, like discoloration.

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Bonding will protect your teeth from issues like enamel loss, tooth loss, and infections. The resin adheres to your tooth, acting as a durable seal or substitute for the natural tooth structure.
Enhanced Appearance
The composite resin used will blend in with your natural teeth and perfect your smile.
Increased Comfort
This treatment will eliminate teeth sensitivity, making it easier for you to live your life happily! Enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks again.
Save money while saving your smile! Bonding is more affordable than other cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers.
Done in One Visit
You’ll get your new smile in no time! After a single appointment, you’ll walk out with a repaired smile.
Self-Esteem Boost
With your new smile, you’ll feel more confident! A great-looking smile majorly impacts your emotional health and your quality of life.

Achieve Greater Wellness and Confidence

Experience compassionate and comprehensive dentistry

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Dr. Wayne T. Kinney and our team genuinely want the best for you as a dental patient.

We want to help you maintain a beautiful smile that’ll last a lifetime. A healthy and attractive smile is more than skin deep; it’ll let your inner self smile through!

Coming to our practice can benefit you in many ways:

  • Long-Lasting Results: We use high-quality materials and tools to provide you with stellar treatment and longer-lasting results.
  • Expert Dentist: Dr. Kinney is dedicated to learning to give you phenomenal, precise results. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has had extensive experience in the dental field.
  • All Under One Roof: You won’t have to leave our office to receive other treatments. For your convenience, we offer an array of dental services, including same-day crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency options.

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Dr. Kinney will gladly answer any of your questions before he begins the bonding process. He’ll then thoroughly examine your mouth and the affected tooth to check for any other dental issues that could put you at risk.


He’ll prepare the surface of your tooth by applying a conditioning liquid so the resin will bond to it easily. Dr. Kinney will apply a composite resin that’ll match your natural tooth color and use a special curing light to harden the material.


Finally, Dr. Kinney will shape and polish the materials so they’ll blend in with your other teeth. This procedure can usually be accomplished in a single appointment, so you’ll walk out with your complete smile!

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