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Dr. Kinney has been transforming smiles for over 30 years and stays up to date with the latest techniques and technology.

Dr. Wayne T. Kinney, DDS, MAGD

I’m Dr. Wayne Kinney.

I have a different idea.

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Dr. Wayne Kinney and his dedicated team.  Cynthia (back row, center) recently celebrated her 20 year anniversary of working with Dr. Kinney!

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A Dental Connection to Overall Health

Believe it or not, a lot of chronic pain stems from underlying dental issues.
If you suffer from migraines, heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic health issues,
you might be surprised to find out how many ways the health of your mouth impacts
the health of your whole body.



Meet Your Doctor

Wayne T. Kinney, DDS, MAGD

I’m Dr. Wayne Kinney. I have a different idea.

Our Approach

At Keystone Dentistry, our approach combines cutting-edge technology and the best medical research with a compassionate, holistic approach. We always coordinate care with our patients’ neurologists, orthopedists, and other specialists to get to the root of the pain—fast. We have advanced training in Dental Implants, IV Sedation Dentistry, TMJ & TMD Treatment, Veneers and much more.

Keystone Dentistry offers technology, craftsmanship, and care you can trust.

  • We research and receive training on the latest scientific advances so that we can offer an extensive list of services, such as IV sedation, 3D imagery, and nearly pain-free laser-assisted surgery in-house rather than having to refer you elsewhere for treatment.
  • We focus on the overall health connections of dentistry and seek to view and treat each patient as a whole person.
  • We tailor our approach to each individual—making suggestions about products and treatments that are best for unique situations rather than taking a cookie-cutter, commodity approach.

If you suffer from chronic health issues, visit us to find out how your dental health may play a role in your diagnosis…and your relief.

What our patients are saying…

Visiting Keystone Dentistry gives my family and me more reasons to smile.


“I just wanted to express my thanks and deep appreciation for the excellent care I received during my year-and-a-half dental “overhaul.” It was not an easy undertaking, but the results are just amazing, and the process was made so much easier thanks to the caring, kindness and good humor of the entire staff. Thank you!”

MM, 2011

“Thirty-nine years and seven months is a long time to have the old type of gum stifling, sometimes loose fitting, bone dissolving dentures; and the 16 years before that my ugly, jagged, enamel-less, sensitive, cavity-prone teeth were NOT the envy of anyone! This is the first time in my life that I have tight-fitting, white, well-formed teeth like most everyone else!

Dr. Kinney, words cannot express my appreciation of not only your professionalism, but also your kind, friendly, telling-it-like-it-is manner. I appreciate how you patiently worked with me, explaining each step along the way in more detail than most dentists would have with your workload. I realize that my curiosity was sometimes burdensome; but I really did want to understand something that was going to be a part of me for the duration!

Thanks again to you and your associates! You all did a superb job.”

LS, 2011

“Even though most of her friends and family didn’t notice, Jan Lingenfelter says the appearance of her front teeth was making her increasingly self-conscious. “One tooth had been chipping on the bottom and the other three were old crowns where the metal backing was showing along my gum line. It was becoming very unsightly.”

Jan and her family had trusted Keystone Dentistry with their dental care for years, so when Dr. Kinney recommended a combination of a veneer and new crowns for Jan’s teeth, she was eager to proceed.

“I’ve always been so comfortable and confident in his work and I’m thrilled with this result.” Thanks to Dr. Kinney, Jan is very comfortable smiling again.”

Jan L, 2011

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