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Proactively Caring for Your Health
Our amazing family dentistry team smiling

Family is important to each of us here at Keystone DentistryGet more information on our homepage. We view each other and our patients as one big dental family. Therefore, we endeavor to provide the best possible care to all patients regardless of your age, background, or individual needs.

Dr. Kinney, our family dentist in Carmel, INLearn more about our dentist, offers an array of services designed to protect and maintain your oral health and well-being. Each treatment has been meticulously designed to prevent more complex dental problems from taking shape (this is something we deeply care about!).

Our patient-focused team supplements our family dentistry options with expert advice, so you can keep your family healthy between visits. You can experience our quality treatments at our comfortable and welcoming office in Indianapolis, IN.

From Our Family to Yours
We use modern technology and compassion while tailoring each treatment to your personal needs.
Comprehensive Exams

You have probably heard it said many times before: Dental exams are a vital part of your overall healthcare. Only through dental exams, can we identify potential issues, which, if left untreated, could impact your oral health and well-being.

Regular six-month exams enable Dr. Kinney to gauge your oral health and provide recommendations to prevent future, more severe, dental issues. During a typical exam, our Indianapolis dentistLearn more about Dr. Kinney will:

  • Review your health history
  • Discuss your personal goals and concerns
  • Evaluate the health of your teeth and gums
  • Use modern technology to capture oral images
  • Walk you through his findings and recommendations

A solid at-home routine is essential for oral health success. However, it needs to be backed up with regular check-ups to prevent plaque build-up, periodontal disease, and other potential issues.

Your family is in good hands at Keystone Dentistry. We’ll make your visit enjoyable, educational, and worthwhile.

Oral Hygiene

Good hygiene habits are the key to real dental success. Once you have a good setup at home, you are on the path to sustainable oral health and a long-lasting smile.

At Keystone Dentistry, we have a wonderful hygiene team who can help you create these good habits. We kindly provide our professional advice and are happy to formulate a plan for your family.

In addition, our hygienists offer gentle cleanings using the latest dental technology. These cleanings are recommended every six months to help remove any plaque that is missed during brushing and flossing. Plus, we can polish up your smile and remove surface staining too.

On occasion, Dr. Kinney may recommend a more frequent cleaning schedule to help fight off gum disease or to ensure your family is following a solid hygiene routine. This is only temporary and has long-term benefits!

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease affects millions of Americans each year! It can go undetected until it leaves you with painful symptoms such as:

  • Sensitive gums
  • Gum inflammation
  • Bleeding gums
  • Unstable teeth

If left untreated, gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) can lead to more complicated health issues like missing teeth or even heart disease. Your gums are the foundation of your smile and are linked to your whole-body health. Therefore, it is vital to keep them in good shape.

Our dental hygienists combine their skills with Dr. Kinney’s experience to offer periodontal solutions. The first line of defense is regular dental exams and cleanings. If gum disease has taken shape, then more frequent cleanings may be needed. If it is more severe, then scaling and root planing (a deeper form of cleaning) can help!

If you are experiencing any periodontal disease symptoms, please contact our office as soon as possible!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Many people do not know they are at risk of developing oral cancer. Commonly, this disease affects those in their forties but is continuing to grow at a rapid rate in young people (primarily due to HPV).

At Keystone DentistryLearn more about us on the homepage, we understand the need for it to be caught in its earliest form. Therefore, we recommend annual oral cancer screenings to all our patients!

Screenings are non-invasive and are performed by Dr. Kinney. During the process, he will assess your lips, tongue, gums, and inside of your mouth for common symptoms, such as:

  • Lesions
  • Raised bumps
  • White or red patches
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling

Our Carmel dentist uses modern technology to get a more accurate diagnosis and will recommend a biopsy if there is any cause for concern.

Early diagnosis, aided by thorough screenings at your regular dental check-ups, is one of the best defenses against oral cancer.

‘‘Excellent dentistry! I am happy to refer them out as they are always friendly and knowledgeable.’’

Bryan A. (Keystone Patient)

Servicing Your Smile
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Emergency Family Dentistry

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If you or your child has knocked out a tooth, is in severe pain, or needs immediate attention please call us at 317-575-1120Call us.

Our experienced team will do their best to see you the same day or as soon as possible. In the meantime, we can offer over-the-phone advice to help you remain calm and ease any pain.

Root Canals
3D rendering of a root canal, which is part of our family dentistry services

The old gag line “I’d rather have a root canal” may still get a laugh — but root canal problems are no joke. It’s important to remember root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain; it relieves pain.

So, why might you need a root canal?

It all relates to when the inside of your tooth becomes infected due to severe decay or trauma. When the pulp (inside of your tooth) becomes damaged, the infection can take hold. This then weakens your tooth and causes you pain.

The good news is Dr. KinneyLearn more about our family dentist can save your tooth with root canal therapy. What’s more, this therapy can be performed in one visit and is free from discomfort.

To begin, your family dentist prepares and cleans the tooth. He’ll numb the area and gently remove the infected tissue. Once the area is clean, Dr. Kinney will use composite material to stabilize your tooth and seal the hole.

You can enjoy being pain-free and the benefits of a fully functional tooth once again!

Mouthguards & Night Guards

Woman holding the side of her face in pain because she needs family dentistry

You teeth and gums are precious and are susceptible to various types of trauma, some self-inflicted. Our Indianapolis dentist understands the fagility of teeth, which is why he has trained in the art of creating custom-made mouthguards and night guards.

Two common mouthguards are available at our dental office: Sports Guards and Night Guards.

Sports Guards: These athletic mouthguards are designed to comfortable fit over your teeth and absorb any impact when you play sport

Night Guards: Worn at night, these mouthguards act as a protection against teeth grinding (bruxism) and can be prescribed to hold your jaw into the right position to prevent misalignment

When you visit Keystone Dentistry, our skilled dentist may recommend a mouthguard and will work with you for the most comfortable fit.

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