Align your smile discreetly!
Leave the Metal Mayhem in the Past

Straighten your teeth the clear, convenient way.

A woman holding her Invisalign clear aligners

Dreaming of a straighter smile? Don’t want to mess with annoying metal braces? We hear you!

While metal braces have certainly evolved through the years, we understand you may not want “brace face.” At Keystone Dentistry, we offer a much more convenient method: Invisalign.

These revolutionary clear aligners are:

  • Discreet
  • More comfortable than alternatives
  • More efficient than other methods
  • Easy to wear and won’t interfere with your life

This aligner system treats several dental conditions…Open a new window to the Invisalign blog…, making it an excellent choice for teens and adults.

Schedule a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Your dream smile awaits!


Remove these aligners whenever you’d like to eat or clean your teeth! Unlike with braces, cleaning your teeth won’t be a hassle, and you won’t have to stop eating your favorite foods

Virtually Invisible

No need to hide your smile. Invisalign aligners are hardly noticeable. You can attend special events, speak, date, and take photos with confidence.


It’s one of the most cost-effective options for improving your smile. Additionally, many dental insurance plans cover a portion of your treatment, the same way they cover braces.

Getting a Straighter Smile Has Never Been Easier

Dr. Kinney in a smile consultation with a female patient

Dr. Wayne Kinney and our wonderful team know how your smile directly impacts your self-esteem.

To ensure that the service is in your best interest, Dr. Kinney employs the WIDIOM approach: “Would I do it on me?” Everything our staff does is for your benefit and the good of your smile. That includes:

Get to know your friendly dentist in Indianapolis, IN!


We’ll start by getting to know you, reviewing your dental history, and your smile goals. Dr. Kinney will take a digital scan of your smile to create your treatment plan and give you a peek at your final smile. He’ll send the scans to the Invisalign laboratory to create your custom aligner trays.


Once your Invisalign aligners are ready, you’ll return to our office. Dr. Kinney will check to see that they fit perfectly. He’ll give you instructions on how to care for your trays and answer any of your questions.


You’ll wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day and switch to a new set every one to two weeks. Visit us for checkups and maintain a proper oral health routine. On average, treatment takes 12-18 months…Open a new window to the Invisalign blog…. We’ll ensure you’re happy with the results before completing treatment.

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