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Dr. Kinney has been transforming smiles for over 30 years and stays up to date with the latest techniques and technology.

Dr. Wayne T. Kinney, DDS, MAGD

I’m Dr. Wayne Kinney.

I have a different idea.

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Dr. Wayne Kinney (front row center) and his dedicated team.  Cynthia (back row, center) recently celebrated her 20 year anniversary of working with Dr. Kinney!

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Dr. Wayne Kinney answers a few Frequently Asked Questions about himself, his practice, and how to care for you and your family's teeth. To view the full video playlist, press or click on the drop down button shown in the upper left area of the video, or click here.

A Dental Connection to Overall Health

Believe it or not, a lot of chronic pain stems from underlying dental issues.
If you suffer from migraines, heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic health issues,
you might be surprised to find out how many ways the health of your mouth impacts
the health of your whole body.



Meet Your Doctor

Wayne T. Kinney, DDS, MAGD

I’m Dr. Wayne Kinney. I have a different idea.

Our Approach

At Keystone Dentistry, our approach combines cutting-edge technology and the best medical research with a compassionate, holistic approach. We always coordinate care with our patients’ neurologists, orthopedists, and other specialists to get to the root of the pain—fast. We have advanced training in Dental Implants, IV Sedation Dentistry, TMJ & TMD Treatment, Veneers and much more.

Keystone Dentistry offers technology, craftsmanship, and care you can trust.

  • We research and receive training on the latest scientific advances so that we can offer an extensive list of services, such as IV sedation, 3D imagery, and nearly pain-free laser-assisted surgery in-house rather than having to refer you elsewhere for treatment.
  • We focus on the overall health connections of dentistry and seek to view and treat each patient as a whole person.
  • We tailor our approach to each individual—making suggestions about products and treatments that are best for unique situations rather than taking a cookie-cutter, commodity approach.

If you suffer from chronic health issues, visit us to find out how your dental health may play a role in your diagnosis…and your relief.

What our patients are saying…

 Google Reviews:

Dr. Kinney is professional and invests in each one of his patients. He provides the very best care in terms of dentistry. If he feels that a specialist is required for high complexity procedures, he has no problem recommending someone who will exceed expectations. As long as I am in Indianapolis, and whether my insurance will cover his services or not, I will go to Dr. Kinney because I know that I will receive the best dental care.read more
Austin Clemens
Austin Clemens
21:52 05 Sep 17
I have been going to Dr Kinney for over a year now and have had to have quite a bit of work done. I have to say, that being a dental assistant in my earlier years and knowing a bit about procedures, that Dr Kinney is The Best!! And, his staff is just simply awesome!! Very caring and very kind ! simply could not recommend Dr Kinney' s office more highly!!! wish I'd have found him sooner !!!'Sharon whiteread more
Sharon White
Sharon White
00:38 02 Mar 17
Working with Dr Kinney, Lois, and the Keystone Dentistry team has been a wonderful experience. Their north side Indianapolis office located at 96th St and Keystone Parkway (located just west of the Tom Wood Ford dealership that is on the northwest corner) is convenient to get to from my east Carmel home. Specializing in dental implants, same day or "Single visit" crowns, and IV Sedation dentistry, Braces, and of course - general dentistry. Dr, Kinney's demeanor is super friendly and yet totally authentic. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!read more
Dave Philpott
Dave Philpott
14:54 04 Nov 16
Dr Kinney has been taking great care of me and my family for about five years now. His office is impressive. Looking around, you can tell Dr Kinney is not shy about investing in the latest high tech equipment, but the staff at Keystone Dentistry is the reason I'm leaving the review. It is rare to find a group that is this good. Everyone in the office is friendly and good at their jobs. Every visit I've made, I've watch a group of professionals working hard together and truly enjoying their jobs. Dr Kinney cares about his staff and that shows in how they take care of the patients. read more
Patrick Dunn
Patrick Dunn
22:48 05 Jun 12
Dr. Kinney and his staff go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable and have a pain and anxiety free dental experience. I am one who does not do well in a dental office and the staff knows me well enough to manage that. They are all kind and caring. Dr. Kinney does sedation dentistry if needed and for me, it is needed! Dr. Kinney is experienced and has great dentistry skills, a caring and gentle manner and truly cares about his patients. I also know Dr. Kinney to have exceptional integrity and character, all of which me makes me trust him as my dentist. I highly recommend Keystone Dentistry and Dr. Kinney. read more
Debra Jones
Debra Jones
19:15 27 Jul 12

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